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Of the senses of man, i think the senses of touch and taste are resorted to the most for pleasure. Understandably because both give an almost instant gratification. In contrast, there are two other senses of man that are commonly used for utilitarian purposes but not resorted to much for gratification. They are, as we know, the senses of sight and of hearing.

If you think a bit deeper on the nature of both sets of senses, the senses of touch and taste may have an instant effect but they have very short gratifying power. Sight and hearing on the other hand, while not instantly gratifying, once they do gratify, linger with the person for a long time.

Furthermore, to regularly pander to the demands of the senses of touch and taste, opens up to the possibility of negative addictions. They somehow carry with them a temptation to go to great lengths and assume certain risks just to enjoy that powerful albeit fleeting sensation of tingly satisfaction. This negative possibility, this temptation, almost does not exist at all with the senses of sight and hearing. You can look all you want and hear all you want without suffering from an immediate negative effect. Maybe the temptation to splurge on travel and audio equipment could exist, but that already involves other factors other than just the direct effect of the sensation.

Because we look for gratification every time we're stressed or tired, and because our senses is somethings that can give us that and we have immediate access to them, it is therefore wise to be conscious that we have four senses and not just two. It is wise to nurture the senses of sight and hearing as sources of our gratification. Rather than indulge the touch or taste as a default, let us try taking a walk where our eyes can see beautiful scenery. Maybe visit a museum of visual art. Or just sit in a nice chair and listen to good music. 

Indeed the gratifying power of the senses of sight and hearing are not immediate. In fact, they need to be trained to see and hear what are beautiful and learn to revel in them and be gratified by them. But as soon as we discover their power, we have discovered a source of joy that is literally not just skin deep.

May our senses give us lasting joy. God bless.

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