Thinking under your glow

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Sunlight oh mighty raging heat of life

Sought and revered and abhorred

You are who, to whoever reacts in extremes

Understood by your consequences

Engendering death engendering life

To them whose crops life depends

You are god

Them who trade in desert lands

You are evil

Pleasant when a gust of wind

Serenades your afternoon hue

Vilest when the rustle of water

Ebbs underneath the earth

You are near, ever present

Yet we could approach you not

Far yet not too far

We compare thee to that yonder star

You are spoken of from time ever since

Yet defined in the present moment’s feel

Drawn in pages of greatest artists past

Yet you are the color now of this leaf

Diverse yet constant

Vast yet ever fixed in the sky

Seen and felt whilst life itself exists,

Yet not fully known

Like thine Creator, you are who you are. 

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