We actually win, when we lose

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

This is how I grow in my practice as a consultant - I make a bid for a huge project, I do extensive research for weeks, I write concepts, I ponder deeply on execution, I listen to the client and learn as much as I could about the company, I give my very best presentation for our services, negotiate sincerely, AND THEN.... I do not get the project. But then, similar projects come. Not as big as the one we lost, but several of them come. The smaller projects allow me to practice what I have prepared-for, supposedly for the big project. Since I have so much material to share, we end up doing well with the smaller projects. And then over time, those small projects grow bigger. So I am thankful for all the big projects we did not win, because they triggered deep research and preparation. They provided the pressure we needed to push us to learn as much as we could. So looking back, they were not failures. They were projects for other people to do, and learning opportunities for us. If another opportunity comes to make a bid for another big project, maybe then we would be more capable and have the credentials to prove our capabilities.:) God's wisdom and timing is always perfect. We do our best and trust that He is in control. Because God wants the best for us, and He also wants the best for our clients.

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